Charlottesville Crisis: Police Chopper Shot Down by Unkown Operatives


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A Police Chopper that was monitoring a demonstration and a counter-demonstration in Charlottesville, VA, has been shot down by unkown operatives while flying at very low altitude over a wooden area near a local farm according to an anonymous source inside the intel community.

According to the same source, known under the nickname of an ‘American Patriot’, Mossad liaison operatives in the US are behind violence and chaos in Charlottesville.

« They’re there and they’re using the same tactics we have seen in Europe and Syria exploiting social engineering rifts and discontent. The use of a car as a weapon against a peaceful crowd is one of their hallmark…God! They managed to get Chinese Uighurs to blow themselves in Syria so they can easily convince anybody from any ideological spectrum in the US to do the job! You can use this info but be prepared to see your Twitter account deleted…

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